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What are the advantages of using aluminum rims over steel rims? 

Aluminum rims are far better due to their lighter weight, superior aesthetics, enhanced performance, better heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance.

What benefits do rolled rims offer compared to other rim manufacturing techniques?

Rolled rims offer benefits such as increased strength, reduced weight, better durability, and improved performance compared to other rim manufacturing techniques.

What sets forged wheels apart from cast wheels in terms of performance and durability?

Forged wheels offer superior strength, lighter weight, and greater durability compared to cast wheels, leading to better performance and enhanced resistance to impacts and fatigue.

In what racing events or locations have our wheels been tested and proven their performance?

Our wheels participated in events like Ultra Racing, King of the Hammers, DP4, SEMA and many more! 

How long does shipping typically take, and what regions do we ship to?

Shipping typically takes 3-7 business days.  We ship to America Nationwide and Canada too! 

What is RIB Tech?

Whether it's full sends, rough riding or harsh terrains, Reinforced Inner Barrel (RIB) technology ensures the wheel maintains its shape by further strengthening the roll-formed barrel with reinforced structural ribbing.

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From our customers


Bullite is the strongest wheels in the market. Especially in Utra 4, after hit many rocks, we have never had a bullite wheel crack or break once.

King of Hammers Racer

Bullite fit tires perfectly and easy to install. Even as a beginner, that is no problem.

Owner of George Garage

we redefine a good wheel

Bullite features an entirely innovative wheel structure, with in-house design and manufacturing, resulting in a lighter but stronger wheel.

KNOW technology