Bullite wheels are for the enthusiasts and thrill-seekers that enjoy the excitement and freedom of an ATV/UTV.

Headquartered in the USA, we design, develop, manufacture our wheels with aesthetics and safety as the priority. Our relentless pursuit to confront rough and rugged terrains that each journey presented led us to create the ideal set of wheels that would enhance the performance, durability, and strength that each ride required.

Utilizing intelligent manufacturing processes to create and craft our wheels, such as low-temperature casting and forging methods combined with FSW (Friction stir welding) process, we made the world’s strongest and lightest ATV/UTV rims and wheels.

As power sports enthusiasts, we understand the safety of your ride starts with a set of wheels that are as strong as a bull. That’s why at Bullite, we made it our mission to excel beyond performance standards. Bullite wheels are lighter and have enhanced tensile strength, stiffness, and flexibility for heavier loads. Our in-house research and development team continuously strives towards innovating for durability, performance, and safety for unforgiving terrains.

Bullite, built stronger to take your journeys further.