Top 5 Off-Roading Destinations in America

Top 5 Off-Roading Destinations in America

1. Moab, Utah: Conquer the Red Rock Wonders

Moab, Utah is the most popular off-roading destinations in the US, and there’s no surprise. It comes with over 2000 miles of trails, with the most popular trail in the region: Hells Revenge. A 6.5-mile trail thats moderate in difficulty, Hell’s Revenge features rocky climbs, steep descents, tight switchbacks— everything you can want for an exciting off-roading challenge 

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT PRO Series (rocky and steep drops)

2. Big Bend National Park, Texas: Where Adventure Meets Serenity

Outdoor adventure, wide open spaces, camping hiking, scenic drives— what more can you ask for? Black gap 4x4 Trail is one of the two Badge of Honor Trails in Texas, connecting Black Springs Road and River Road. This falls as a moderate trail, but still gives amazing views and a challenge for beginners. 

Make sure you check if you have street legal cars: 

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT07 Caster for beginners

3. Ocala National Forest, Florida: Explore Florida's Natural Gem

Home to an 81 mile trail system open year round, Ocala National Forest is the second largest National Forest in Central Florida. Nestled between well-known theme parks and white, sandy beaches, the jewels of the Ocala National Forest attract visitors from around the world. Largely made of dirt, the trails are well-maintained and great for beginner off-roaders for stock SUVs and trucks.

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT PRO or BT Beadlock Series (BT 03)

4. Holly Oaks ORV Park, Michigan: Thrills Await in the Great Lakes State

With former and active sand and gravel mines, Holly Oaks ORV Park is full of steep hills, water crossings, deep mud pits, rock crawls, and a purpose-designed concrete peak covering 9000 square feet. Just north of Detroit, the park covers 106 acres and has moderate difficulty rating trails.

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT PRO, BT Beadlock Series (BT 03)

5. Table Mesa Road, Arizona: Beginner-Friendly Trails for Every Adventurer

If you want something more beginner, or you are just starting your off-roading journey, this is the place for you. Table Mesa Road is an easy-to-navigate path descending 450 feet without any significant obstacles. If you are looking for a challenge, Terminator trails are available. 

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT PRO or BT Series

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