What is RIB Tech, and What Makes Bullite Rims Better Than Other Rims?

What is RIB Tech, and What Makes Bullite Rims Better Than Other Rims?

When it comes to choosing the right rims for your truck or car, there are many factors to consider: style, performance, durability, costs— the list can go on. Your rim can be Forged or Cast, made of steel or aluminum, cost as little as $240 and go upwards of $2000+. How do you choose? Do you just pick whoever is winning major off-roading races and copy them? Are you just starting out and want to start off cheap and quick? We at Bullite are here to help you with that decision, with full confidence that you will eventually lead to choosing us: Bullite.

Now, what does RIB Tech stand for, and why is it superior to all other rims on the market now? Our RIB (Reinforced Inner Barrel) Tech uses forged aluminum alloy plates that have the same mechanical properties as forged wheels. It also leaves an impression of a “ribbed” effect on our rims. This leads to much higher properties than conventional casting, with both thinner and lighter material with the same performance level.

Now, what does that mean? 

A combination of our selection of Aluminum material and our RIB technology, we are able to create a rim that is not only lighter with less material, but stronger than most of the rims on the market.

In our factories, we were able to test this theory by using weighted pressure to bend/manipulate our rims compared to others, and we found that the 5460-H Aluminum material withstood 3 times the weight that other rims were able to. Additionally, rims that were created by the same 5460-H Aluminum material but without our RIB tech only handled ~70% of the weighted pressure exerted to our RIB rims.

Think about cans of tuna— notice the similar ribbed effect on the sides of the can. This increases the strength of the can and provide protection against the high temperatures and vacuum pressures of thermal processing. We have decided to transfer that technology onto our wheels and rims.

When it comes to picking the best rims for your vehicle, Bullite BT PRO Rims stands out as the clear winner. Our rigorous testing have demonstrated that our RIB rims achieves unparalleled durability and performance on and off the road? But don’t just trust our word. Ask the our sole Bullite sponsored drivers (Zach Pollard and Kyle Stercay) who all completed the King of Hammers Can-Am UTV Championships this year without replacing their wheels for the 200+ miles. You can find their interviews here.

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