What are Heli-coils?

What are Heli-coils?

Heli-coils are threaded inserts used to repair damaged threads or reinforce existing ones in materials, such as metal. These inserts are commonly used in automotive applications, such as wheel rims, to address worn-out or damaged threads.

Here's how they work: Without heli-coils, when you drill in a screw into a thread, it might cause wear and tear on both the screw and the surface of the application. The heli-coils prevent the connection between the screws and wheel from shifting, reducing the risk of excessive strain and damage.

With the heli-coils, it prolongs the lifespan of the rim but allowing the helicoil to only be damaged, rather than the thread or the material. You can continuously replace the heli-coil and repeatedly remove the bolt and installation without causing further damage to the thread.

All of Bullite Wheels have heli-coils, except BT02 and BT07.

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