Our Guide to the Best Rims for Each Off-Roading Terrain

Our Guide to the Best Rims for Each Off-Roading Terrain

Let's say you want to start building your UTV/ATV, but you don't know where to start. Or you've already started, but you aren't sure what kind of rims or tires you should purchase to elevate your off-roading level. Here's our comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect rims tailored to different environments.

1. Rocks and Boulders

Rocky terrain needs tires with durability and sidewall protection to endure sharp edges and potential punctures. For the rims, prioritize strength and resilience, opting for forged wheels with reinforced beads to withstand impact. This can minimize bending and cracking. Beadlock rims are recommended for low-pressure rock crawling.

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT PRO Series (rocky and steep drops)

2. Sand Dunes

Driving on sandy terrain demands tires that can float over that soft surface, without getting bogged down. Lower tire pressure enhances flotations, so rims with beadlock capabilities are essential to maintain tire integrity at reduced pressures. Lightweight aluminum alloy rims helps this as well, reducing sinking from heavy weight steel.

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT Beadlock Series 

3. Gravel and Dirt Trails

You need a balance of traction, durability, and comfort. Opt for all-terrain tires that offers good grip on loose surfaces while maintaining stability on hard-packed terrain. For rims, choose lightweight alloys that provide strength without neglecting agility. 

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT Beadlock Series 

4. Muddy Terrain

One of the most challenging terrains, muddy conditions can be both slippery and unpredictable. Look for tires that have deep and widely spaced paddles to grip that muck effectively. For rims, consider those with bead lock features to maintain pressure and prevent bead separation. 

Bullite's Recommended Wheels: BT PRO, BT Beadlock Series 

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